Sunday, February 05, 2012

Occupy and power

What is Occupy’s end game? What do they want? Who is the leader?

People insist on missing the whole point, the issue is to point to a problem. The solution is not something you can put in a soundbite but the general shape is easy to see who wants to.

It is about giving people a chance to take their power back.

Look at it this way, the power of an individual’s vote is the same for the most down-on-their-luck homeless person as it is for the richest person in the country. Government is absolutely nothing without the consent of the people.

The encampments and protests are important because they give something to focus on, that the movement is not going away. They are not the movement though. Individually, people are realising that, yes, they have the power to change things when they band together.

Whether it happened by accident or not, a lot of things are ideal it seems. Decisions need to be made so there is a general assembly, then people learn again what democracy actually is and find their voice. Due to logistics people have tents, which are probably more important as symbols than any sign or slogan.

Back in early October I predicted that we would see some pretty big changes in weeks or months. Not long after the news reports were filled with stories about how we had changed the public discourse. Based on that it looks like 2012 will be an interesting year.

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